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Paola Bertoni flies a Piper plane

Hello, I’m Paola Bertoni, a single mother, blogger, and avid traveller. In 2016, I launched my first blog in Italian, which led to successful collaborations and the creation of an online magazine for fellow travel bloggers. Inspired by this journey, I decided to extend my reach to an international audience.

Having lived in England, and experienced work and digital nomadism in France and Thailand, I’ve gained a wealth of diverse experiences. I’m fluent in three languages and thrive on embracing new challenges, including flying light aircraft in my free time. With my unique background, you can expect engaging and one-of-a-kind content.

Why partner with Paola Everywhere

Collaborating with Paola Everywhere provides you with access to an enthusiastic and dedicated community of fellow travel enthusiasts. Together, we can help amplify your brand’s message, expand your audience, and ignite wanderlust in travellers looking to explore new horizons.

With my expertise in content creation, digital marketing, and a commitment to authentic experiences tailored for families and solo adventurers, I’m wholeheartedly focused on establishing a meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership that shines a spotlight on the very best global experiences.

What I can offer

  • Sponsored Posts: I can feature sponsored articles about travel destinations or services, helping you reach a specific target audience.
  • Press Trips: with my expertise in creating engaging posts and social content, I can provide valuable information to the right audience.
  • Photography: a single image can tell numerous stories, making it an essential component in my collaborations with brands and tourism boards.

If you are interested in working with Paola Everywhere, please get in touch hello(@)paolaeverywhere.com.