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Al Maha Services Lounge: Relax Before You Fly at Hamad International Airport Doha

by Paola Bertoni
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The Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport in Doha is the right place to unwind and relax while waiting for your flight. This great lounge offers a delightful food selection and amenities to improve your travel experience. In this article, I will share my personal experience at this airport lounge.

The Benefits of Using Al Maha Services Lounge at Doha Airport

If you travel often by air, you know the numerous benefits of airport lounges. Al Maha Services Lounge is a prime example of a place of comfort and convenience. The lounge has many armchairs, creating an inviting ambience. Regarding dining, the lounge offers a good choice of culinary delights, including various snacks and beverages to cater to your palate.

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Upon entering the Al Maha Services Lounge, the staff will warmly welcome you and ensure you feel at home. The complimentary Wi-Fi access allows you to stay connected and productive or simply enjoy some entertainment. Moreover, there is a dedicated family room for those travelling with young children.

I had the opportunity to experience the Al Maha Service Lounge at Hamad International Airport while waiting for my flight from Doha to Abu Dhabi. Overall, my experience was positive, and I’ll share all the details about this lounge so that you can better understand what to expect at this airport.

Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha
Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha

Al Maha Services Lounge Floor Plan

Upon entering the airport lounge, the reception desk immediately invites you to the spacious main lounge, equipped with comfortable seats. Unfortunately, the lounge is in the centre of the airport building, so there is no view of the aircraft from inside.

In other reviews, I had read that there would be a newspaper and magazine stand at the entrance, but I couldn’t find it during my visit. Hovewer, once inside, I was happy to see an impeccably clean bathroom and shower area to the right, stocked with soap and scented hand cream.

On the left, there was a smoking room, a family room with a TV, and a sleeping area. Despite the tempting idea of resting in the sleeping area, the smell of smoke from the nearby smoking room deterred me from trying it out.

The lounge was a bit crowded during my visit, and I was fortunate not to have to wait long for entry due to my tight schedule. However, upon leaving, I noticed a line of people waiting to get in.

The main lounge area was bustling, with almost every seat taken. However, if you can’t find a seat, there is another lounge area by turning right from the front desk. This secondary lounge should offer the same food and beverage options as the main lounge.

Tea and muffins at Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha
Tea and muffins at Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha

What’s on at Al Maha Services Lounge

I didn’t get to spend much time in the lounge because I had to wait for Etihad to print my boarding pass at the airport before enjoying my lounge time. Etihad’s counter, in fact, only opened two hours before my flight. Check it before booking your lounge, and don’t go too early to the airport.

Hovewer, the Al Maha Services Lounge at Doha airport is great for travelers. It offers a good choice of food and drink options to cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. From hot and cold dishes to flavorful salads and mezze, the lounge provides various options to indulge in before your flight.

Moreover, the lounge has clean and well-maintained toilets and a refreshing shower, which can be quite beneficial during short layovers. The Wi-Fi network is consistently reliable and fast.


As you make your way to the entryway, you’ll find yourself going straight to the dining area, just after the sitting area. It’s a spacious section where you can enjoy some delicious food and drinks. Both rooms of the lounge offer the same food and drink options.

As you enter the dining area, you’ll immediately notice the buffet. During my visit, there were taboulé, single-portion salads, hummus, soups, spaghetti all’arrabbiata, and sandwiches. If you’re in a hurry, you can take some great packaged sandwiches on the plane.

The food was okay, but there’s little choice for an international airport lounge compared to other lounges I tried worldwide. The cold food selection has a salad bar that consists of hummus, tabbouleh, and grilled vegetables, which is great for a light and healthy meal and an excellent choice for vegetarians. The lounge also offers a variety of single-portion desserts, such as crème brulée and cheesecake, along with buns, croissants, and pies.

As for drinks, there are two coffee machines and refrigerators with bottled water, juice, milk, and sparkling water. Additionally, there’s still and sparkling water, and you can ask for soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Schweppes. Overall, the lounge’s food selection is good if you’re looking for a light meal before your flight.

Single-portion food at Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha
Single-portion food at Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha

Bathroom and Shower

The airport lounge had clean and well-maintained shower stalls available for use. While I usually don’t take advantage of such facilities, having access to a shower can be an excellent perk for travellers with short layovers. Take, for example, a situation where you have a full day to explore Doha before catching your connecting flight. Access to a shower in the lounge can ensure that you feel fresh and ready for your next flight!

Wi-Fi and Plugs

The lounge’s Wi-Fi network is consistently fast and reliable. However, power sources are limited, with only a row of seats having outlets integrated into the tables.

Unfortunately, most seats do not have USB sockets for charging mobile phones. There are only a couple of armchairs with a USB port, but my cable did not fit, and I’m not sure why. Overall, there are very few seats with convenient charging sockets, so take this into account if you need to recharge your devices to work.

Hot to get to the Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport Doha

After passing through immigration and security at the airport, head to the left side of the Duty-Free Plaza South area. Look for the escalators past the “Untitled Lamp/Bear” sculpture, a 23-foot-tall yellow teddy bear.

The bear is an iconic sight and worth taking a picture of. It was acquired by a Qatari Royal Family member in an auction and displayed in the airport. After taking a picture of the sculpture, continue to the left and look for the escalators and signage for the Al Maha Lounge.

The lift is the only way to access the lounge. When you arrive on the second floor, you’ll find the welcome desk. Just remember that no boarding announcements are made in the lounge; you can just scan your boarding pass at a totem at the entrance.

Lamp/Bear sculpture at Hamad International Airport Doha
Lamp/Bear sculpture at Hamad International Airport Doha

How to access to the Al Maha Services Lounge

You can access the Al Maha Services Lounge for up to 6 hours if you have a Priority Pass (which you can obtain for free with some credit cards such as the Platinum American Express) or as walk-in customers for a fee. After presenting your Priority Pass or credit card, as well as your boarding pass, the staff will direct you to the Al Maha Lounge.

Overall, the Al Maha Services Lounge at Hamad International Airport is a comfortable option for travellers looking to make the most of their airport experience. Share in the comment section if you have tried this lounge or you’d like to try it on your next trip to Doha.

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