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How to get a free UK SIM card with giffgaff

by Paola Bertoni
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A UK SIM card is very useful for many reasons. On holiday in the UK you don’t have to run around looking for Wi-Fi. It also can help you before relocation. If you are looking for a UK number, giffgaff send SIM card for free worldwide. In this article you can discover how to get one for free.

The advantages of having a UK number when travelling

Having a British number when travelling is very useful, so you will not have the limitations of international roaming. International roaming has been in place for several years. However, consider that the agreements between the phone companies could be revised after Brexit. Also, the available data are hardly enough to use online maps, apps, messages and video calls on WhatsApp.

If you’ll stay in the UK more than a week and you want to save on your phone, a UK SIM card can be a good deal. I recommend giffgaff because you only pay when you use it. You can also activate convenient offers only for one month, choosing to avoid the automatic renew. Basically, you can activate a data offer on the first day of your trip, and you’ll be able to use internet as much as you need.

The best advantage of giffgaff is that you receive your SIM card for FREE when you are still at home. giffgaff ships worldwide. Then you can insert your new UK SIM into your phone before you leave, if you have a dual SIM smartphone. Or you can switch SIM cards on the plane before landing in the UK.

If you are travelling with friends, you can also take advantage of a very interesting option. With giffgaff, all giffgaff users can call each other for free. So during you trip in the UK, if your whole group has requested a free UK SIM, you can stay connected to each other even if you’ll separate during different activities.

Why apply for a UK SIM if you live overseas

Most people request a UK SIM card when they still live outside the UK. In fact, if you want to move in the UK, having a local phone number is very useful. You can let your contacts on resumes or to the estate agents to book appointments. Also you can use a local UK number, if you want to purchase online goods or services in the UK.

About giffgaff

giffgaff, spelled in lower case, is a British mobile phone operator, part of the O2 group. It offers nationwide coverage at competitive prices, as low-cost version of the better-known parent mobile network.

However, giffgaff has a unique feature: it mails your SIM card at your home, wherever you are in the world. In fact, you don’t need to be physically in the UK or have an address in the UK to receive your SIM card. You can easily apply for your giffgaff SIM before you travel to the UK, add credit or choose a plan with a data package for your stay.

Plus, if you sign up to giffgaff from my link, you will get free credit when you activate your SIM (£5 at the time of writing).

If you choose a phone plan, called goodybag on the giffgaff website, you can save even more money. All plans last one month and have no automatic renewal on expiry. They are therefore perfect for travel. You can also top up your giffgaff SIM with most debit or credit cards. So you can safely use your local credit or debit card to buy credit or goodybag plans on giffgaff.

Finally, you can also use giffgaff in your own country. I found this out because I needed to call the UK and I didn’t want to face the high costs of international calls from my Italian SIM card. It sounds unbelievable, but the giffgaff SIM really does arrive within a few days of online request. It’s free for real and works great, with excellent coverage throughout the UK and Europe mainland.

How to apply for a free giffgaff SIM from abroad

Applying for a giffgaff SIM card while living in your country outside the UK is very easy. I have outlined all the steps below:

  • Order a giffgaff SIM from my link to get £5 free credit on activation
  • Click on ‘Order your free SIM’
  • On the next screen you can purchase a data package by choosing ‘Order your SIM deal’ or request just the SIM from the smaller ‘No, thanks. I just want a free SIM’. If you are not leaving immediately, you can choose the data package later
  • Fill in the form with your details and click ‘Order your free SIM’ to receive your UK SIM at home in a few days.
Steps to request a free UK giffgaff sim

How to activate and use the giffgaff SIM card

Once you have ordered your giffgaff UK SIM, you’ll receive it by post within a few days. You’ll find all the information about how to activate and use your new UK SIM In the envelope. Then download the giffgaff app and enter the ‘Activation Code’ shown on the plastic of your giffgaff SIM. At this point you can choose a goodybag plan with unlimited UK calls and texts, or use it without a plan.

To add credit, or purchase a goodybag plan, you need to save a payment card on the giffgaff app. It should work with any foreign card. For example, I used my Italian VISA debit card. Your card remains stored in the giffgaff app so you can top up your UK SIM faster. You also can choose whether to do automatic top-ups or not. At this point you are ready to connect and make calls.

How goodybag giffgaff phone plans works

If you have to make a lot of calls to UK, hotels or offices, I suggest you buy a goodybag data package. They start from £6 with unlimited phone calls and text messages, with data depending on the plan you choose. On holiday in the UK I usually choose the £10 goodybag that have enough data to use internet for Google Maps Instagram, and work.

Write in the comments if you already knew how to get a UK SIM card for free. Also, don’t forget to request your new giffgaff SIM card to be ready for your next trip in the UK.

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